Femmes Mythiques #4 : Irena Jakimova

Femmes Mythiques #4 : Irena Jakimova

Irena was part of the podcast, a series of interviews FEMMES MYTHIQUES, for women who need inspiration and motivation from other women who are successful in their field.

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Following a Path of Consistency, Belief and Resilience

Following a Path of Consistency, Belief and Resilience

Following a Path of Consistency, Belief and Resilience


By Olivia Preston


15 years in the advertising industry, working in managing positions, immersed in the marketing industry, Irena Jakimova transitioned her business skills to the world of coaching. Placing a focus on women empowerment, self-awareness and the importance of a unique voice, Irena shares her business journey.




English, Serbian, German, French and your native Macedonian language are just a few of the languages you speak. Take us back to life in Macedonia, how has it shaped who you are today?

I can’t compare my life in Macedonia to living in other places around the world. I’ve lived in numerous European cities, but only for short periods when I was much younger. However, I believe living here has given me strength and a new motivation to inspire and encourage women to dream bigger and achieve more. It also has strengthened my inner feeling of belonging to the world through the multiculturalism we have.


A career in coaching often involves self-belief and confidence to express yourself freely. Why is it so important to find your voice? 

I have learnt that we are all unique. Every one of us brings to the world a different perspective and experience of any topic. Sometimes we might blend ourselves with the masses, compare ourselves with others and lose our unique voice and our unique message. In order to be connected with our ideal clients, to our ideal collaborators, partners and other relations in life, we need to express our unique voice. And we never know who needs to hear that to benefit from the impact of our voice.


How has your experience working for the United Nations helped you on your business journey?

I have worked with or for foreign/international companies throughout my whole career path. Working for the UN just confirmed my feeling of belonging to the international community, it helped me learn how development organisations (and projects) work, but above all, it laid before me a whole bigger picture of a country and global human development topics. I guess this is where I started to nourish the desire to work on empowering women. I just didn’t yet know where to start at the time.


What do you wish you had known before starting your business? What was the driving force behind your own career?

I wish I had known more about all those feminine spiritual principles of success, like the energetics of creation, doing business the feminine way (with more play and ease compared to the masculine way of business). My desire was to create an entity, a place and a source that offers support to individuals and organisations to grow and develop, while giving me the opportunity to do it in a creative manner.

It’s receiving transformations in minutes and all of that in an ease, gentle, elegant way. No rush, no push, yet a little bit of challenging here and there. I tend to be able to see more in the women I coach than they see themselves. Through our work together, they discover the bigger picture, they become calmer, more confident and learn how to go towards their desired versions day by day. They achieve even more than they have expected.


What do you hope women learn from your business journey?

I would first of all like to encourage them to embark on such a journey if they feel the desire. Not to do it from must or need, but from the place of desire, to create some new value in the world. Not all of us have to be entrepreneurs with our own businesses, yet we can act in an entrepreneurial manner within any organisation.

Also, I hope they will learn that this is a long run and the building of a business and a brand (personal or company) takes time, investment and consistency. You don’t have to work hard all the time, you don’t have to be visible all the time, but one needs to be consistent. There will be difficulties and obstacles, which I also experienced, however we should listen to our calling, to our desires and move on.


What advice would you give to women wanting to build their brand and their business?

To let your dreams appear in front of you, it takes bravery and boldness, it takes time, consistency, belief and the resilience to carry on. There will be setbacks and results we didn’t want, however we may learn how not to look at them as (personal) failures, but as valuable lessons. Women tend to be more demanding and criticising of themselves, so we may want to learn to be more gentle and encouraging ourselves on this run. This is a long-term game and we benefit from reminding ourselves more often that we are here to BE not just to DO. We can share this statement also through our brands and businesses.

Edited by Sujany Baleswaran

Irena Jakimova: Following a Path of Consistency, Belief and Resilience

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You are always enough as you are

You are always enough as you are

You are always enough as you are

With an MBA in General Managment, multi-lingual Irena is founder of INSPIRIT Coaching – a company that has already developed a track record of training hundreds to boost their confidence and self-worth. We don’t just remember our inner child, we also carry her in our hearts, bodies and minds. How is that manifested? Well, we may not be aware that many of the older beliefs and feelings we first developed at a younger age, actually still run our lives today. Even our businesses, too. I have worked a lot and continue to work on healing and embracing my inner child, as well as the ones of my clients, and believe me, the biggest leaps and transformations come from that place. Here are some words of love and reassurance for my younger self:
  • Developing, learning and growing is an endless process. However, you are always enough as you are.
  • You are allowed to make mistakes and discover new ways. You are allowed to make and spend money, you are allowed to serve the world with your work.
  • It is safe to be seen, heard and successful. Your success doesn’t take away from others. It can only contribute.
  • You don’t have to be perfect and don’t compare yourself. You are unique. We all are.
  • Finally, if you ever feel doubt and find yourself asking “Who am I to …?” – remember, you are the one. Your capabilities and desires didn’t come to you by chance.

Excerpt from the article

Inner Child: 8 Leading business women advise their younger selves

If you had the chance to go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

By  London Business Magazine | March 1, 2022

Read the full article HERE.

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The Puzzle

The Puzzle

The Puzzle

Doing a puzzle is one of the more efficient activities to focus my child’s attention and calm his energy. Last month we made two, which caused that some days we had to eat on the club table in the living room (something that, even my compliance and order-fan husband observed with no objection) because we needed the dinner table for the – puzzle.

Children are our teachers, they are our guides towards our better versions. And so it happened again that I, as many times before, learnt and made conscious something new. As a matter of fact, I learnt two things.

I don’t know if you have made a big puzzle, with many pieces? Are you familiar with the feeling when you cannot find one specific part? You gaze at the pile of pieces, you move them around, you search among the parts… and no, it is not there! Then you focus on another part of the picture, you go and make another section so to change the pattern and the images in front of your eyes, then you look again, then you come back again…and so on… What happened to me as an act of insight, a lesson and a moment of growth – was the moment (and it happened twice) when the puzzle piece “appeared” in front of my eyes! It has been there for the whole time, I just haven’t seen it.

How many times has it happened to you before to stop and take a breath, to calm your mind, to focus on something else, and, then, when you come back – the solution is there in front of you? In front of your nose, as we say….

How many times have you searched for the solution out there, far away or outside of you, and it has been right in front of you, or inside you all the time?

” Go out and live your story. Give your contribution, make an impact. “

Take a moment now and write down a question to which you are looking for an answer at the moment, you are looking for a solution, looking to find a way? Leave it like that, then come back to it with different eyes, with different sense of awareness. Take a closer look around you, in you, in your home, your office, your computer, phone, a drawer, a shelf…your Soul? You might already have the solution. You only haven’t been able to see it because you were busy – searching. Looking for it.

Now move further, go deeper.

What else in my life am I not seeing in front of my nose?

Which solution for my business am I not seeing or hearing in my head?

Where should I move around, where should I turn – to find it?

The second golden experience from the puzzles I luckily didn’t experience recently, but I thought of it. Maybe you have experienced it while making a puzzle? The last piece?

Your puzzle will not be whole, will not be completed without that one last piece. There will be a hole. One pattern will be missing, there will be empty space and it won’t be a whole work of art.

So it is with the world. That part is YOU.

You are the unique part that is completing the picture of the puzzle.

Go out and live your story. Give your contribution, make an impact.

” …don’t hesitate much. “

Because none of the parts from the puzzle is like you. None of the other parts has your shape, your colors, your pattern, your place in the whole picture. And you, as a part, cannot see the whole picture and you wonder about your role, your part, your value. If you manage to rise above the whole picture, you will see your place, you will see your role and you will learn your value, the value that you, as a part, give to the whole puzzle.

This Planet that is constantly rotating around its axis and around the Sun with a speed we can’t imagine and in this endlessly wide space called Cosmos, most probably knows what it is doing. It knows that much more than us. And it has known that much longer than us.

So, don’t hesitate much.

Complete the puzzle with your active existence, impact and contribution.

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What do you believe in?

What do you believe in?

What do you believe in?

What you think is not the same as what you believe (in).

How so? Like this:

Our thoughts are the activity of the mind, the brain, and they have energetic power. However, they come and they go. They can be motivating for us, they can also hinder us, make us feel big or small, powerful or powerless, creative or suppressed…

Our beliefs are deeply ingrained within us, and they are connected with our values (what is important to us, what we appreciate, what we cannot be without, that which we strive for, what we live for…) and our emotions. Oftentimes, our thoughts and our beliefs do not follow in the same direction, they are incongruent and incompatible. This is where many of the possible conflicts and interferences come from when we are trying to actualize something that we strongly desire.

Many of our beliefs have been “planted” into us since childhood, when we were small, powerless, with underdeveloped thinking and conclusion making abilities. So, we’ve accepted them as they were, without questioning if something is really that way or another; accepting that I am one way or another.

” Enjoy your exploration. “

Here are some examples:

a) You could educate yourself, take courses, trainings, gain knowledge and want to be successful in some field. However, if deep down you harbor a belief like “I am not good at this”, “Success is for some other people out there”, “Who would ever hire me?”, “I’m not worth it”, “I’m not noticeable enough”, and a long list of other similar beliefs, they will cause you to sabotage your own success in that field. You will postpone, overthink, and there will be new unpredictable things popping up all the time that will steal your focus and direction.

b) You could work hard and determined (to add to the first example), go to sales trainings, and still not earn as much as you want. You could consciously be thinking “I want to earn money”, but if deep down within you

the beliefs (or feelings) “Money is evil”, “Money is for other people”, “People who have money are evil/selfish/dishonest…” etc. remain, you will not create/achieve/accept more money. c)  If on a conscious level you admit that you want a nice, intimate relationship with a partner meant for you, but you are consistently encountering inadequate partners/none at all, or you find yourself in an unfulfilling relationship, it is possible that some of your deep beliefs are similar to the following: “I don’t deserve love and attention”, “Good partners don’t exist”, “Being in a relationship means giving up my freedom and personal authenticity”, “Love hurts/doesn’t exist”. It is most likely that these kinds of convictions and the energy they create within you, are actually guiding your life.

How are deep convictions changed?

First off, a good start is “airing them out” into the open, venting and feeling them, hearing how they sound and how they resonate with you. Then, you may continue by looking for examples (or situations) from your childhood that might have caused them in you. Afterwards, you may slowly start to replace them by actively exploring other different convictions (which may seem weird and uncomfortable in the beginning), that will become useful to you.

Additionally, it is important not to rush.

For instance, if you just say to yourself “I am successful in this field” your subconscious might not really believe that at the start. But if you start out with “I am slowly but surely improving, and I am adopting new habits and steps toward success in this field”, it will be accepted easier and you will start to notice change.

Changing into another person doesn’t happen immediately, so it is crucial to be persistent and search for all the parts within that are inhibiting you, and all the ways you can help yourself become the person you want to be. Because you cannot gain something new, if you do not become someone new first. Explore books, links and videos, seek out a psychologist or a personal development trainer that can guide you through ways to achieve this.

Finally, let’s end on a personal note:

Even if you didn’t believe in what you just read, give it a try! It could be just another chance to change old beliefs! Enjoy your exploration.

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