The Puzzle

Doing a puzzle is one of the more efficient activities to focus my child’s attention and calm his energy. Last month we made two, which caused that some days we had to eat on the club table in the living room (something that, even my compliance and order-fan husband observed with no objection) because we needed the dinner table for the – puzzle.

Children are our teachers, they are our guides towards our better versions. And so it happened again that I, as many times before, learnt and made conscious something new. As a matter of fact, I learnt two things.

I don’t know if you have made a big puzzle, with many pieces? Are you familiar with the feeling when you cannot find one specific part? You gaze at the pile of pieces, you move them around, you search among the parts… and no, it is not there! Then you focus on another part of the picture, you go and make another section so to change the pattern and the images in front of your eyes, then you look again, then you come back again…and so on… What happened to me as an act of insight, a lesson and a moment of growth – was the moment (and it happened twice) when the puzzle piece “appeared” in front of my eyes! It has been there for the whole time, I just haven’t seen it.

How many times has it happened to you before to stop and take a breath, to calm your mind, to focus on something else, and, then, when you come back – the solution is there in front of you? In front of your nose, as we say….

How many times have you searched for the solution out there, far away or outside of you, and it has been right in front of you, or inside you all the time?

” Go out and live your story. Give your contribution, make an impact. “

Take a moment now and write down a question to which you are looking for an answer at the moment, you are looking for a solution, looking to find a way? Leave it like that, then come back to it with different eyes, with different sense of awareness. Take a closer look around you, in you, in your home, your office, your computer, phone, a drawer, a shelf…your Soul? You might already have the solution. You only haven’t been able to see it because you were busy – searching. Looking for it.

Now move further, go deeper.

What else in my life am I not seeing in front of my nose?

Which solution for my business am I not seeing or hearing in my head?

Where should I move around, where should I turn – to find it?

The second golden experience from the puzzles I luckily didn’t experience recently, but I thought of it. Maybe you have experienced it while making a puzzle? The last piece?

Your puzzle will not be whole, will not be completed without that one last piece. There will be a hole. One pattern will be missing, there will be empty space and it won’t be a whole work of art.

So it is with the world. That part is YOU.

You are the unique part that is completing the picture of the puzzle.

Go out and live your story. Give your contribution, make an impact.

” …don’t hesitate much. “

Because none of the parts from the puzzle is like you. None of the other parts has your shape, your colors, your pattern, your place in the whole picture. And you, as a part, cannot see the whole picture and you wonder about your role, your part, your value. If you manage to rise above the whole picture, you will see your place, you will see your role and you will learn your value, the value that you, as a part, give to the whole puzzle.

This Planet that is constantly rotating around its axis and around the Sun with a speed we can’t imagine and in this endlessly wide space called Cosmos, most probably knows what it is doing. It knows that much more than us. And it has known that much longer than us.

So, don’t hesitate much.

Complete the puzzle with your active existence, impact and contribution.

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