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 Are you a coach, trainer, human resource professional, talent developer, therapist, counselor, teacher, facilitator, consultant, leader, or just a human being with a curious mind who wants to have tools and processes for self-coaching?

Welcome to the world of Points of You®!

Fabulously creative, innovative and applicable tolls & processes!

In this exciting online workshop you will get a taste of the dynamic and versatile Points of You® methodology, processes and tools, experience unique forms of self-discovery, communication and storytelling, while adding new skills to your professional tool kit.

With this innovative, fun and engaging method and tools you can facilitate meaningful dialogue, reduce conflict, create self-awareness and build bridges between people.



Our trainers use innovative, fun and engaging methods and tools to facilitate meaningful dialogue, reduce conflict, create self-awareness and build bridges between people.

The photography creates a quick interaction between the right brain (the intuitive and emotional part of the brain), and the left brain (the part that focuses on logic and critical analysis).

This intriguing process occurs when we look at a photograph and a word at the same time. You will have the opportunity to discover and learn how to use our innovative photographs and tools to gain new perspectives on some of your most complex challenges in life and leadership.

We will show you how to use these tools in your life and profession to better serve you and those around you.

What Will You Learn?


Points of You® concept
The world of Points of You® and the way it works.


Points of You® cards
Learn how to use an innovative technique of photo observation to gain new points of view for yourself and others.


“Zooming In” with The Coaching Game
Go on a speed date with your thoughts and insights. Experience a fun and easy-going process that is surprisingly deep and meaningful.


“MyStory” with Punctum
Re-frame an empowering life story with the brilliance of Punctum.


Layout Charts
Map your thoughts and feelings with a customizable, tailor-made, one-on-one coaching tool for self-exploration.


LEVEL 1 Training Includes:


Online training
3 days of 2.5 hours

Points of You® Tools
The Coaching Game (Retail Value $198)
Punctum (Retail Value $92)

L.1 Concept Pack
Workshop Booklet
L.1 Exclusive set of cards
Canvas Bag

Certification Benefits


L.1 Certificate of Attendance

Certification title
Points of You® Explorer

6 CCEUs from IC

About Irena


I am Irena Jakimova and I am a Certified Points of You Trainer, L3 Expert. I have been training and coaching adults since 2011. I met Points of You in 2016, the same month in which I opened my own company, Inspirit Coaching. My resources, my performance, my efficiency jumped for more than 300%.

The Points of You tools not just enriched and catapulted my training and coaching business, they expanded my relation to myself, to creativity, to spirituality… These tools assisted me in almost any kind of training. They opened the most conservative and logical participants. They made people say “Wow” and “a-ha” in a much faster and easier way.

As of 2018 I trained over 70 people to use them in their professions. All of them reported fast results and magical impact. On them, their close ones, their companies, their clients.

This phenomenal methodology enables fast yet deep insights, new ideas, creativity, communication, better knowing of one self and others.

I can train you to use these tools and you will get them to your home address. And, if you fall in love with this method, which I am sure you will, then you can also learn how to teach others and enrich your collection with the amazing Faces and Flow, two other brilliant tools (sets).

Let’s start to climb the ladder of the Points of You Academy together.

Don’t ever wonder what to do when you are stuck in a session or asked to propose a workshop.

E-mail me for more details and a free demo session on zoom. Even if you don’t decide to get these tools now, you will certainly get another insight or a new point of view at the session!

Enrollment closes  May, 15 2021.
This is the right time to treat yourself to some magic!

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