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I am Jakimova Irena and I help women entrepreneurs show up in the World in their full potential, visibility, radiance and impact of message.

Entrepreneurship and business is a completely different level of identity and type of energy. I learnt that in my own experience, even after being an executive director, a manager, a UN Communications officer, a professional trainer, a successful business coach. It is a different game. And, if YOU are your business and your main product, than you need to go out there and shine your own light into the World. Deliver your own message. You need to become your own brand, give the world the benefits of the Unique You! There is no one out there same like you.

I want to offer you support, resources, guidance and inspiration as a force that will see you and accompany you on your journey of visibility and impact. It am at your service to support you on your journey to develop your Brand, improve and increase visibility, to create your signature, your message, to create the Unique You!

Warmest welcome, and let’s get to know each other better.


Irena Jakimova
Irena Jakimova



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What do others say about us?

thumb_01_60_60Olga Rajcic


One of the aspects I appreciate most about Irena is her knack for motivation skills, and helping me grow as an individual by first using my inner potential. This not only made our sessions enjoyable but also ensured that I left each session with a clear direction and newfound confidence.

Looking forward to seeing how will this bond grow, and I cannot wait to witness the result we will achieve together.

thumb_01_60_60Slavica Taseva

Irena is an outstanding, inspirational, devoted trainer, coach and mentor. She helped me to embrace the potential that I had successfully hidden or neglected for years. Irena empowered me with tools to shift to a higher level. Now it is much easier to connect with myself, be genuine and confidently visible. My public speaking and appearance confidence skyrocketed. She also helped me build my brand and keep it vibrant ever since.

She is the wind in my back. I can feel her care, support and guidance.

thumb_01_60_60Jasmina Antic


One of the best things that happened to me was meeting Irena. So inspirational, so calm and modest.

She is an example of how we can turn all things in a positive direction. She is the best coach that I have ever worked with.

thumb_01_60_60Anna Shevchenko


Irena is an outstanding professional, she is 100% committed to her client’s transformation and builds the way together. Irena helped me a lot on my growth journey – deeply understanding, supporting and always helping me to succeed. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you.

thumb_01_60_60Biljana S.


On my way to self-discovery, I met many teachers and techniques. Still, what I have found in Inspirit Coaching, in the training ,,TI SI TAA’’, and Irena as a coach and trainer is a holistic work approach including practices and knowledge from scientific, psychological, spiritual, experiential aspects and transferring knowledge through a personal experience. The simplicity and the ease of transmission are easily understandable and acceptable to everyone.



After completing the training, TI SI TAA (You are the one) I decided to start my own business and now I am the founder of a private company where I work. I will forever be thankful that there are coaches (like Irena), who try their best to awaken the part in ourselves, for our, collective and better future. The training TI SI TAA is what every woman desires.

thumb_01_60_60Participant of TI SI TAA
training, spring group 2023

Only a woman with a special sensibility can create and deliver this kind of high-quality training for women. At TI SI TAA (You are the One) training I had the privilege to meet many interesting and in every-way ,,beautiful’’ women. I have gained new friendships as well. Big thanks to the organizer – Inspirit Coaching and our mentor Irena Jakimova. 

thumb_01_60_60Biljana Stojanova


During the training TI SI TAA (You are the one), although, some things were previously familiar to me, transferred by Irena, in such a close and simple way, they became much, much closer and more approachable to me. Thank you, Irena, for all your support and for believing in me.

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