What do you believe in?

What you think is not the same as what you believe (in).

How so? Like this:

Our thoughts are the activity of the mind, the brain, and they have energetic power. However, they come and they go. They can be motivating for us, they can also hinder us, make us feel big or small, powerful or powerless, creative or suppressed…

Our beliefs are deeply ingrained within us, and they are connected with our values (what is important to us, what we appreciate, what we cannot be without, that which we strive for, what we live for…) and our emotions. Oftentimes, our thoughts and our beliefs do not follow in the same direction, they are incongruent and incompatible. This is where many of the possible conflicts and interferences come from when we are trying to actualize something that we strongly desire.

Many of our beliefs have been “planted” into us since childhood, when we were small, powerless, with underdeveloped thinking and conclusion making abilities. So, we’ve accepted them as they were, without questioning if something is really that way or another; accepting that I am one way or another.

” Enjoy your exploration. “

Here are some examples:

a) You could educate yourself, take courses, trainings, gain knowledge and want to be successful in some field. However, if deep down you harbor a belief like “I am not good at this”, “Success is for some other people out there”, “Who would ever hire me?”, “I’m not worth it”, “I’m not noticeable enough”, and a long list of other similar beliefs, they will cause you to sabotage your own success in that field. You will postpone, overthink, and there will be new unpredictable things popping up all the time that will steal your focus and direction.

b) You could work hard and determined (to add to the first example), go to sales trainings, and still not earn as much as you want. You could consciously be thinking “I want to earn money”, but if deep down within you

the beliefs (or feelings) “Money is evil”, “Money is for other people”, “People who have money are evil/selfish/dishonest…” etc. remain, you will not create/achieve/accept more money. c)  If on a conscious level you admit that you want a nice, intimate relationship with a partner meant for you, but you are consistently encountering inadequate partners/none at all, or you find yourself in an unfulfilling relationship, it is possible that some of your deep beliefs are similar to the following: “I don’t deserve love and attention”, “Good partners don’t exist”, “Being in a relationship means giving up my freedom and personal authenticity”, “Love hurts/doesn’t exist”. It is most likely that these kinds of convictions and the energy they create within you, are actually guiding your life.

How are deep convictions changed?

First off, a good start is “airing them out” into the open, venting and feeling them, hearing how they sound and how they resonate with you. Then, you may continue by looking for examples (or situations) from your childhood that might have caused them in you. Afterwards, you may slowly start to replace them by actively exploring other different convictions (which may seem weird and uncomfortable in the beginning), that will become useful to you.

Additionally, it is important not to rush.

For instance, if you just say to yourself “I am successful in this field” your subconscious might not really believe that at the start. But if you start out with “I am slowly but surely improving, and I am adopting new habits and steps toward success in this field”, it will be accepted easier and you will start to notice change.

Changing into another person doesn’t happen immediately, so it is crucial to be persistent and search for all the parts within that are inhibiting you, and all the ways you can help yourself become the person you want to be. Because you cannot gain something new, if you do not become someone new first. Explore books, links and videos, seek out a psychologist or a personal development trainer that can guide you through ways to achieve this.

Finally, let’s end on a personal note:

Even if you didn’t believe in what you just read, give it a try! It could be just another chance to change old beliefs! Enjoy your exploration.

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