Open yourself to miracles

Open yourself to miracles

Open yourself to miracles

At one of our coaching sessions I spoke with a dear client of mine about her next steps regarding a project she is working on. We mentioned that her birthday falls on the same day, and connected it with her activities.

Thinking of her, suddenly I stumbled upon a realization (one of those bright, creative, positive, inspirational and motivational ones; of which I try to have as much as possible): it’s her birthday this month, I am overwhelmed with joy about her progress and new successes (as I am with all my other clients) and I’m thinking about all that she’s done in this period… All that she desired, and didn’t know how to picture or achieve it. Sometimes we don’t even know what it is that we want exactly, and we start to realize it step by step… 

“Sometimes we don’t see further ahead in life than only what we see and experience in front of us at the moment.”

 So here is the main, guiding idea: This time last year, I didn’t even know SHE existed. I didn’t know about her desires, aspirations, hopes, dreams, visions, goals… and today we are celebrating them together. And there will be even more to come. Moreover, she is not the only one, there are so many others with different kinds of success, different personal and professional achievements, different evolution…

Imagine, if for example, if I quit my job last year! I wouldn’t have witnessed so many changes, evolutions, and positive impacts that these women have achieved, and will continue to achieve in the future.

Sometimes we don’t see further ahead in life than only what we see and experience in front of us at the moment. We only see through the memories, skills, knowledge and version of ourselves that we’ve had until that moment. We are not aware that maybe we are actually sensing some new future version of ourselves, our lives, and what is somewhere nearby… or maybe not.

In order to reach that future version, we need to listen to our heart, our body, our feelings, and choose which thoughts to listen to and which to ignore. To reach that version we must also take some steps, and undertake some activities. We must also ask ourselves “What don’t I know yet? What must I learn? What steps should I take? How do I get there? Where can I look for and get some help?” and many other questions depending on your phase of life and the topic you are thinking about.

Most of all – we must learn to be patient and open. To wait while actively moving. To wait while practicing gratitude, and learning to open up. To open up to the unknown, the unfulfilled, the new versions of us, life, and the world around us. To open up to miracles, big or small. Just like our own existence is a miracle. Who knows how many people you have yet to meet? How many skills that you aren’t aware of yet? How many ways of doing things you haven’t seen before?


To apply this in a practical sense, ask yourself and write down answers to the following questions:

  • What is something new that I’ve seen, experienced, or achieved, that wasn’t a reality in last year’s November?

  • Which parts of me, traits, emotions, habits, abilities that I have now, weren’t a reality in last year’s November?

  • What is something new that I would like to see, experience, or achieve next year?

  • Where should I start from? Where should I ask for help? Of all the opportunities I am presented with, which is of highest priority? What is most important?
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