Privacy Policy 

Thank you for entering the global market of online education.  

We at Inspirit Coaching respect your privacy and want you to understand how we collect, use and share your data. This Privacy Policy covers our practices of data collection and it describes your rights related to access, correction and restriction of the use of personal data. 

The collection of personal data on this website is in compliance with the rules and regulations for protection of personal data. This Privacy Policy is applied when you visit or use the website, our e-services, our social media and our e-mail messages.  

By accessing or using our website you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, as well as the terms and conditions of our website. Please don’t use our services if you don’t agree with this Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions of our website.  

Inspirit Coaching reserves the right at any time to change or stop any aspect of the Privacy Policy. If Inspirit Coaching makes some essential changes in the Privacy Policy, we will inform the users in an appropriate manner and with an announcement of changes posted on the website.  

Each user agrees to visit on a regular basis, in order to learn about such changes.  Each use of the Website shall be considered as acceptance of the latest changes in the Privacy Policy by the end user. 

You must have reached the age of consent for on-line services in your country in order to use the website, otherwise, you need consent form a parent or guardian. 

If you are certain that we have stored personal data from someone that is below the applicable age of consent in your country without approval by a parent or guardian, please inform us by employing the methods described the in the part Contact Us, so that we could take appropriate measures to investigate and solve the issue.  


What kind of data is collected and stored? 

We collect certain data directly from you, using the information that you provide and the data concerning your participation in the courses. In addition, some data is collected automatically, such as information about the devices that you use and communicate with. 


Data obtained from you  

We can collect various data from you and about you, depending on how you use our Website.  

Below are a few examples that could help you to better understand the data we collect. When creating an account and using services, we collect the data you provide directly including the following: 

User account – to be able to use certain functions (noted in the course), you need to create a user account. 

When you create or renew your account, we collect and store the given data, such as your email address, the time of registry and the provided unique ID number. 

Your profile information – in addition, you choose to provide information about your profile, such as name and surname, interests, gender, DOB, your address. 

Your profile information is only visible to the administrators. 

Data on the courses-once you enroll and upload? the courses, we collect certain data including  the type of courses you uploaded, the course status, the period of the beginning and end of the course, the tasks and quizzes taken and finished, answers to questions and other items submitted in order to fulfill the requirements of the course. 


Data concerning payment by the client  

If you purchase something, we collect certain data related to your purchase (such as your name, surname and address) necessary to process your order and issue an invoice. You need to provide certain data for payment and invoicing directly to our partners in order to process the payments, including your name, surname, information on the credit card and the bank. 

Inspirit Coaching does not store data on credit cards. 

In cases of using third party platform for administering surveys or promotions, third party privacy policy shall be employed. 



Inspirit Coaching‘ pays particular attention towards collection, processing and storage of personal information of users to facilitate improvement of services, pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of North Macedonia. 

Inspirit Coaching undertakes appropriate safety measures in order to protect the users’ personal data from unauthorized access, altering, revealing or destruction of the data. 

These measures vary depending on the type and sensibility of the data. Unfortunately however, no system is 100% safe. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the communication between you and Inspirit Coaching will be protected from unauthorized access by third parties. 

Your password is an important segment of our security system and it is your responsibility to protect it.  

Avoid sharing your password with any third party. Should you consider that your password has been compromised, you ought to change it immediately and contact us on 


Inspirit Coaching pays careful attention to personal data protection, however it shall not be held responsible in case of: force majeure, accidental events or malicious actions of third parties, as well as in cases when the user had given information access to third parties.