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From Shy to Shine, From Shy to Shine Group Coaching

Have a second, to think of the women you enjoy watching while they speak on stage, in front of the public, in front of the camera. They are so energetic and motivating. It feels like they speak from their heart. They look so natural, confident and authentic. They simply rock the flow. 

So, you might wonder, how do they do that? 

By practice, constant practice of change. It’s not just rules to follow and learn, but it is a transformation of the self. It requires eliminating blocks, creating a new mindset, changing beliefs and rituals, building confidence, until it becomes a habit of your everyday life. Once you change the baseline, becoming the best version of yourself is certain.

Yes, it is that simple. It is just one decision away.

Being a woman is a gift. It may also be your superpower. And every woman is special. I can show you how special you are in only one sentence. There is no other woman in the world that has been through the exact same experience and has the same skills as you. That is how unique you are. Your potential lies in that. And it is your responsibility to share your message with the world.

The opportunity to speak in front of an audience, whether it is three or three hundred people, is the chance to sell your business or service to potential customers or clients. It is the chance for you to advance in your career and have much bigger impact in the world.

However, one of the biggest obstacles that many business women face is – THE FEAR OF SPEAKING IN PUBLIC AND BEING SEEN.

Honestly, I never had trouble speaking in front of people.

Except for when I did. And it is not that I didn’t have the speaking skills, oh, I am good with words, no, those were the times when I thought “Who are you to stand up and ask the question…” And I kept on sitting on the table.

Then, I remember once, there was this foreign speaker, very inspiring, sharing wonderful bits of advice and stories. And, also giving away few copies of his book to people who asked a question…

At the end of the seminar, I got the courage to approach and thank him.

I said: “Hello, I am also a trainer and coach. I wanted to share my story when you asked those questions, but I didn’t.” And he told me: “If you are a trainer and coach, then you should’ve spoken!”

Oh, my gosh, his words remained with mein me for years.

Since then, and after much work on my personal development, I rarely miss a chance to share my opinion.

To speak up. To show up.

That is why I created a course and a personal program in this field. And worked with many people on building this capacity to be able to shine their light, spread their message, and have an impact in the world.

 I incorporated in it all my Public Relations experience (both with corporate, as well as with UN resident representatives and public figures). I blended it with deep personal development work (self-image, self-confidence, and self-love) and, finally, seasoned it with powerful NLP tools.

If you want to talk with confidence on meetings, conferences, events, deliver workshops and courses, negotiate with grace and power, record live videos, and hold presentations – all of which will bring you to new levels of impact and connection, a new self-confidence, new income – allow me to support you on this journey.

You can expect top-notch tools and practices, much love and support, guidance, coaching, some training, and pride. I am looking forward to seeing you shine your light and me being proud of you, too!

What do others say about us?

Slavica Taseva

Slavica Taseva

founder of Resources & Solutions by Slavica Taseva, GCDF Career Coach, Adult Learning Trainer & Consultant

I have experience with Irena as my trainer, coach and mentor. She is an outstanding, inspirational and devoted person (leader). Working with her has been and still is an exceptional experience. With her unique sense, intuitive but systematic approach, insights and great experience, Irena precisely addressed all the issues.

She is the wind in my back. I can feel her care, support and guidance. She has been my personal coach for 10 months and my work and life changed. She helped me to embrace my potential that I was successfully hiding or neglecting for years. I unveiled my authenticity, started to recognize opportunities, take massive action and value my achievements.

Irena empowered me with tools to shift on a higher level. Now it is much easier to connect with myself, be genuine and confidently visible. My public speaking and appearance confidence skyrocketed. She also helped me build my brand and keep it vibrant ever since.

This Program consists of 6 modules which will be tailored according to your needs.

MODULE 1 - Preparation

Mental preparation.
Removing your inner barriers.
Mindset changing.

MODULE 4 - Presence

Presentation styles.
Body language.

MODULE 2 - Setting


MODULE 5 - Centering

Preparation exercises.

MODULE 3 - Storytelling


MODULE 6 - Practice


* We will not dedicate the needed amount of time, focus and energy on the parts you already have well settled and developed. On the other side, I will be there to support you longer and into more depth for the parts where you feel you need more clarity, guidance, knowledge and practice.

Make the leap From Shy to Shine today. Become a public speaker.

What’s included?

From Shy to Shine

Individual coaching
  • One intensive session with Irena
  • tailored to your personal needs
  • Duration: 90 minutes

*  The amount at check-out may appear in Denars (MKD), however, your account will be charged in your local currency equaling the EUR amount.

* payment plan available

One full payment

Individual coaching

The art of public speaking holds many practical benefits.

This program will help you find out how to:

    • Connect with your audience on a higher level
    • use the NLP Tools for an everlasting positive effect
    • Dramatically improve your speaking presence
    • Overcome public speaking anxiety
    • Respond appropriately to your audience’s needs
    • Hone your non-verbal communication skills, the body language.
    • Add a visual dimension to your presentation
    • Capture your listeners’ attention and interest
    • Avoid common, yet costly public speaking mistakes
    • Use Story Telling techniques to connect with the audience
      • Invoke the Circle of Excellence for more confidence

    MEET Irena J.

    Irena Jakimova has actively been working as a trainer and consultant to managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and companies since 2011. Prior to that, she has a vast experience in the fields of marketing, advertising and communication, both for companies and for international organizations. For more than 15 years, she worked for branches of leading international advertising agencies, McCann Erickson, which she ran for 6 years, including clients like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nestle…

    She brought and completed the London School of PR in her country. Prior to her dedication to the training and coaching career, she worked few years for the office of the United Nations and UNDP in Macedonia, close to the Resident Coordinator as a Communications Officer.

    In 2016 she founded her own Training and Coaching business, the company called Inspirit Coaching, that has trained hundreds of people, in North Macedonia and abroad, helped leaders become more focused, speak more confidently, build better relations, achieve bigger results and be better aware of their own value and presence. Also, she has helped hundreds of people start their own businesses, through entrepreneurship training and business coaching, among which many are women. Feminine Leadership and Personal Branding for business women is her current focus.


    • MBA in General Management, earned at the University of Sheffield
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Master Practitioner and NLP Coach
    • Executive Coaching Online Academy by John Mattone
    • Deep Coaching by Marylin Atkinson from Erickson College International (in person)
    • Money EQ Training at Mindvaley (Ken Honda, 2020)
    • Feminine Power – Essential Course and attending Mastery (2020-ongoing)
    • Divine Living Academy by Gina DeVee (2020-ongoing)

    After the program, you will have:


     Confidence, easiness and power in your speaking appearances

     Tools to prepare your content

     Tools to calm your nerves, to protect your voice, to step with full presence

     A complete different self-image

     Radiant self-love and self-worth

    Make the leap From Shy to Shine today. Become a public speaker.

    What’s included?

    From Shy to Shine

    Individual coaching
    • One intensive session with Irena
    • tailored to your personal needs
    • Duration: 90 minutes

    *  The amount at check-out may appear in Denars (MKD), however, your account will be charged in your local currency equaling the EUR amount.

    * payment plan available

    One full payment

    Individual coaching

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