Welcome to Inspirit Coaching,

I am Jakimova Irena and I help women entrepreneurs show up in the World in their full potential, visibility, radiance and impact of message.

About us


Inspirit Coaching is a company with a mission and passion to assist entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, leaders.
Whether you want:
– better communication (in team relations, in sales, in private life, in writing)
– increased self-confidence, clear performance (speech and presence), courage to be seen and to have an impact
– building your personal identity and unique brand
– learning new skills, overcoming internal barriers
– building leadership skills
– increased sales, development of the company, of your own business or starting your own business…

… You need help on that road!

You need support, new knowledge and skills. You need someone who knows how and who will support you and believe in you even when you don’t. Someone who sees in you what you can not, but deep down you know it’s what YOU LOVE.

Together we can achieve a lot. Read on to find out HOW we do what we do.

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In the approach to work, we start from the goals that YOU want to achieve, from the problem that bothers you or from the desire where you want to be. On that path we use the application of world-class methodologies and tools of education, personal coaching and leading management practices. Among them are the following:

Points of you 



neuro-linguistic programming

Personal Strenghts

Leadership coachg

Feminine power