Irena Jakimova

Irena Jakimova is founder of INSPIRIT Coaching, licensed trainer for adults, certified NLP Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, certified trainer for SDI (Personal Strengths).

Irena has actively been working as a trainer and consultant to managers, leaders, public administration officials, entrepreneurs and companies since 2011. Prior to that, she has a vast experience in the fields of marketing, advertising and communication, both for companies and for international organizations. For more than 15 years, she worked for branches of leading international advertising agencies, like DDB Needham (IDEA Plus), McCann Erickson, which she ran for 6 years, including clients like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nestle, General Motors, USAID and other. She was one of the founders of the first Association of Marketing Agencies in Macedonia and the initiators for the establishment of the London School of PR in Skopje. She was also a Member of the Board of Directors of AmCham Macedonia in 2004-2005. Prior to her dedication to the training and consulting career, she worked few years for the office of the United Nations and UNDP in Macedonia, close to the Resident Coordinator. Since, 2016, she has founded her own Training and Coaching business, the company called Inspirit Coaching, that has trained over 300 people, in Macedonia and abroad, helped leaders become more focused, speak more confidently, and be better aware of their own value and presence. Also, she has helped hundreds of people start their own businesses, through entrepreneurship training and business coaching, among wish are many women, as well. Irena Jakimova has a Master degree in General Management, earned at the University of Sheffield, City College in Thessaloniki. Besides the formal education, she is also a Certified Trainer for adults (Ministry of Education), an SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) Facilitator Level 2, as well as a Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Master Practitioner and Coach, certified Points-of-You trainer, trained to use Playing Big and other methodologies for growth, personal and organizational development (also specialized in Executive Coaching, by John Mattone, coach of Steve Jobs and Team Coaching by Marylin Atkinson from Erickson College). She is also a Master Trainer of the Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne (SHL) for Customer-oriented communication.


Kosta Karpuzovski

Kosta Karpuzovski is certified NLP Capital Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. The main focus of his work is creatively identifying new opportunities and mentoring support for personal and organizational development with a positive financial effect. He is an engineer in Electronics and Communication and has more than twenty years of experience in marketing, sales, management and engineering of IT solutions and services. In his career, he has been the owner and employee of several IT companies as a leader of highly productive teams, with more than ten years of managerial experience. He connects with people and encourages the process of defining goals and forming a clear vision of the results. He works with people to activate their leadership qualities and inspire other people and organizations to realize their vision.

Vesna Kardalevska

Vesna Kardalevska is Certified NLP Capital Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Practioner of the Systemic Dynamic Work Method Program.
Vesna’s formal education includes BA in English Language and Literature, MA in South-East European Studies and a Master in Business Administration. Vesna is a seasoned manager with 20-year work experience in international and multicultural organizations.
As a Certified Performance Technologist, Vesna has been supporting the institutional and human development of various organizations and companies; in the past four years, Vesna has focused on the personal and professional development of the entrepreneurs in Macedonia and South East Europe by developing and delivering trainings on communication and presentation skills, conflict management and having individual and group coaching sessions with clients. In her capacity of a Director of Hub Skopje, Vesna directly supports the start-up community and young entrepreneurs’ progress.
Leading versatile teams, as a people-oriented person, she has been practicing her personal mission of a coach on a daily level – she supports people in unlocking their inner resources so that they can achieve the desired transformations, directing them towards personal growth and development. Her work is based on NLP practices and tools and systemic dynamic methods.



Kate Trajkova

Assistant Professor Kate Trajkova, has over twelve years’ experience in human resource management, both as an internal HR practitioner and the provider of outsourced HR services. She is organizational psychologist, Master of Science in HRM and PhD in strategic management, certified Points of You practitioner and certified trainer and external evaluator for CAF management quality standard.
Her consultant expertise is generally focused on: HR and management quality procedures, employee performance & reward, talent management, organization management (organization design, restructuring, job evaluation etc), learning and development, employee relations, organizational behavior and organizational psychology, employee counseling and well-being, CSR policies and programs, change management. She practice individual mentoring and team work approach for development and strengthening competencies and personal skills for efficient productivity and corporate development based on the principles of positive psychology. Through combined experience as both an internal practitioner and external consultant has worked across a number of industry sectors including public sector, Insurance, information Technology, Manufacturing, Health and Welfare, Professional Services and Education. Actively participate in generating and operationalization of corporate or NGO projects for employee diversification, youth employment programs, conflict resolution and mediation.


Others trainers, coaches, psychologists – all experienced, professional and trained in international methodologies.