Inspirit Coaching is a company with a mission to assist in encouraging individuals and businesses to inspire themselves, to develop, to grow.

We are here for individuals and organizations, for teams and companies, for small and large businesses – to support them in finding and using their deepest capabilities and strengths, to help them learn new attitudes, skills or habits…all in order to empower them to reach better results, to make better lives…

Through several types of services (coaching, training, consulting), we help our clients to find their necessary directions – what to find in themselves, what to learn, how to become more successful and more satisfied individuals, thus contributing more to a better world…

Leadership | Communication | Motivation | Management | Relations | Entrepreneurship | Public Speaking | Personal Development | Team Management | Team Communication | Team dynamics | Marketing | Strengthening Women | Negotiation |


We do this through coaching, trainings and education:

1. Communication
2. Public speaking
3. Motivation
4. Team Building – strengthening of team communication and relations
5. Personal development
6. Leadership
7. Management
8. Marketing
9. Entrepreneurship
10. Empowering women from all professions
11. Quality of service and communication with clients – specialized training for hotels